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Maid Seeking Job (Emma)

Emma is seeking full-time, live-in. She has experience in house-cleaning and minding babies. If you are interested interested please call 0149338234. I have not employed her so I cannot recommend but please contact me if you have any problems contacting her or arranging interviews.


Expats and the Illegal market


We are all bound by chains (our children’s future)

I know many expats who have maids with their own permits, live-out or hire part-time. The reason is that most expats do not want a stranger living in their house, do not like the thought of being legally responsible for someone that is not a family member and do not think the maid employment industry is fair and believe it to be against human rights. This creates a community that in the eyes of the Malaysian law is illegal. Maids and other foreign workers start entering the country by exploiting loopholes in the Immigration legislation. This has lead to maids having no protection against loss of income, maids taking advantage of employers who want to do the “right thing” and make the maid feel like their part of their family, medicals not being correctly administered (TB is now at high levels in Malaysia) and generally an overall bad reputation for everyone involved in the maid/foreign worker industry. Those that lose from this are maids who genuinely want to work so they can earn enough money for their children’s education (not find a boyfriend like many I know) and expats who can enjoy living abroad with their children even though they do not family to help out with child rearing duties. It’s a vicious circle that can only be stopped if harsh penalties are given to those that break the law. But would this actually stop anything or just create more problems. It’s a hard one with no easy answer. Just remember we are all human, we all have rights and we are all trying to make sure our families have a better future.

Free Lance Agent Boots

Commissions of Illegal Actions – Right or Wrong

Just a warning. I have heard that some maid “agents” are asking employers to pay a commission for sourcing maids then when the maid does not work out they still demand to be paid. I do not think this is right. Firstly the maid should pay the commission not the employer as the maid is using the agent to source work. Secondly there should be no commission paid if either party is not happy. These actions are considered illegal by Malaysian law so how can the agent demand money from an employer.


It will cost 300 RM!!

At one stage I used a Free Lance agent to source a maid. My requirements were full-time Live in with Sunday off day. The maid could leave on a Saturday night at the end of the day when all chores where finished including cleaning up after the night meal. This was discussed with the maid in person with the agent present to make sure everybody was understood. Problem, as soon as it was Saturday lunchtime the maids were asking to leave. As soon as I said no the maids would state that they would not work for me. This made me angry as I would tell them that they must work the full day Saturday otherwise do not take the job. Twice this happened. Next time I called the agent she said that it was my fault and I was difficult. Next she said she would only find me a maid if I paid her 300 rm. My response was, find me a maid and if we are both happy after a month I would pay the commission. I know my rules are tough but for a maid to demand a salary as high as a University Graduate from Malaysia I expect her to work. Many employees I know that are local will earn the same wage as a Filipino but they still have to pay for their own rent, transport, toiletries and utility bills. Plus if their employers go on holidays they still have to work hard. As I said to the free lance maids, we are on holidays for 2 months of the year. That is 2 months slack time where I know they will work part-time for other people. For those 2 months the maid still earns a salary. We were in apartment where the work is easy. We are now in a house with a maid sourced through a trusted agent and she is the best we’ve had.


Maid Wanted – Full time, Live in

American family, two adults and one four-year old child, seeking a full-time live in maid with Sunday off day. Maid must have nanny experience, valid working permit and references. The location is Ampang. Please respond with contact details.



Maid Seeking Job – Sonia

Sonia is seeking a job. She has 20 years experience. Please contact her on  016-3718596 or email

I have not used so I cannot recommend. Any problems please contact admin.




Maid Seeking Work

Lisa is a Filipino maid seeking full-time, part-time work Monday to Friday. She has her own visa. She can perform domestic duties and babysit children.  Please contact her on 0163179086. I have not used her so I cannot recommend. If you have any problems please inform me.


Maid seeking work


Linda is a Filipino maid looking for a full-time job Monday to Friday. She can carry out all domestic work and take care of children. Please call her on 0163837483. I have not used so I cannot recommend. If you have any problems please let me know




Seeking Maid

Full time or part-time both fine, candidate must fit the following criteria:

1. Referral – I will do reference check. If you don’t have one or uncomfortable with this, please do not apply

2. Valid work permit / visa 3. Working hours – 8.30am to 6.30pm (Mon – Thurs), 8.30am – 11pm (Fri) Sat, Sun & PH off (if full-time)

4. Age – mid 30 – early 50

5. Good with kids – I have 2 active young children

6. Work location – KLCC

7. I am a Malaysian – if you only want to work for expat families, please do not apply

SMS your name, asking salary etc to 012-581 6013


Babysitting – only

Lina is a local Malay who currently has a job but would like to extra money after hours. She is willing to work Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday.  Her rate is RM20-25 per hour. Please call her on 010-5018558.  I have not used her so I cannot recommend. Please comment if there are any problems.

A little more background on Lina, she has past experience in babysitting and is currently a mother to 8 kids. She works in and Oil and Gas consultant company and her husband is a personal driver to an American family.



Maid looking for work

Selvy is a Myanmar citizen living in Malaysia. She is looking for part-time work which includes household chores, cooking and babysitting. Please contact her on   0146299355 or 0146283267. I have not employed her so I cannot recommend.


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